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MikefoxEditing.com helps our customers to improve their essays and writing papers. We do not help them writing essays, instead, we point at their mistakes and give practical suggestions on how to improve their papers in the future.

All you need is to pass the order and set the requirements of what you want to change in the paper that you wrote before. Our editors will attentively get acquainted with your task and someone from them will be assigned to complete the proofreading, checking, formatting, or editing. After that, you need just wait until you receive your clarified papers!

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How to place an order to get high-quality proofreading?
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We know that students do not like to check their papers because it takes a lot of time and energy. That is why we offer proofreading and editing services, especially for such “student writers” who want to save their time and spend more on themselves.

If you struggle with placing an Order, please contact our Customer Support Service and ask all questions to make them more clear. We will carefully look through the papers you pass to us. Then you will receive a high-quality document with all edited mistakes. Let’s come together and cooperate!

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